Spatial IQ for MapGeo –
Managed Services for Local Government

Spatial IQ helps you dive deeper and get even more value from your data and your investment in the MapGeo platform.

Help your staff, businesses and residents see your municipality in a different light.

Spatial IQ for MapGeo is a managed services program for local governments that is designed to help you make the most of your MapGeo subscription.

Spatial IQ for MapGeo packages can include:

  • Critical GIS data maintenance (e.g., parcel/tax map updates, zoning map updates, utilities data maintenance, address and roads data maintenance)
  • GIS help desk support
  • Hosted, downloadable GIS data
  • MapGeo overlay themes
  • Strategy sessions to ehance your GIS program
  • Additional dedicated GIS support
  • Quarterly educational webinar series
  • As-needed special projects support

Spatial IQ

Overall this is one of the best investments I make with my budget.

– Eric Knapp, Zoning Enforcement Officer, Town of Westbrook, CT

Work with our team to create your Spatial IQ for MapGeo package

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