Mapping Opportunity Zones with MapGeo

Four ways the MapGeo platform helps developers find opportunity within Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs).

If you’re looking for some creative ways to display and promote your municipality’s opportunity zones to investors, check out these ideas for some inspiration.

For more background regarding Opportunity Zones, check out this webinar recording:

Helping developers parse through opportunity zones

1. Parcels color coded by distance from the certified opportunity zones

Pawtucket, Rhode Island included themes in MapGeo that allow users to visualize how close to the new train station the rest of the city would be. The QOZ theme on top of the theme creates a layered map that helps developers focus on transit oriented development opportunities.

Qualified Opportunity Zones

2. Parcels color coded by land use provides a quick way to read the QOZ landscape.

With MapGeo, Pawtucket also includes land use descriptions as an active theme. This allows users to dive deeper into which types of properties may be located in a certain opportunity zone.

Qualified Opportunity Zones

3. Parcels color coded by assessed value helps developers look for areas of opportunity within the QOZ.

In addition to being able to quickly parse through the types of properties, using MapGeo, users can also visualize assessed property values within the opportunity zone.

Qualified Opportunity Zones

4. Combining Google StreetView with property information

Being able to combine street views with property data is an invaluable and super-efficient tool for developers to investigate investment properties and neighborhoods within the QOZ.

Qualified Opportunity Zones

Give investors in your QOZs the information advantage. Accelerate decision making by making your QOZ information available and useful. MapGeo is customizable. You control how to tell your community’s story and present investment opportunities. To find out more, request a demo of MapGeo.